Holding valve, double check valv

Holding Valve, double check valve

up to 230 BAR, G1/4 OR Manifold type, HYDRAULIC and PNEUMATIC

The valve consists of a one-piece housing and is therefore repeatedly mountable.

– Screw-In and manifold mounting
– Simple counter contour
– Working pressure from 3-230 bar
– Completely sealed
– For hydraulic and pneumatic use

German  V006_DE

English  V006_EN

IPV14-002 (cartridge type)  STEP

IPV14-003 (Manifold type)   STEP

Insert Valve up to 300 bar

Miniature Check Valve

As insert valve for Bore diameter 5

– Individual positioning
– Simple mounting hole
– Valve combinations possible
– For hydraulic and pneumatic applications
– Working pressure up to 300 bar
– Space saving mounting
– Usable for different media

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English  V002_EN

Dimension: Ø5×10

Relay Valve up to 250 bar

Sequence valve as timer

The sequence valve with relay switching sequence is used in clamping devices, in which a pressure-independent switching sequence is to be achieved within a circuit.

– Only one adjustment screw
– Absorption of pressure peaks
– Delay time adjustable
– Pressure-independent switching sequences possible

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English  V004_EN


Sequence Throttle Valve

Threaded valves up to 400 bar

Sequence valves
Throttle check valves

All valves with the same mounting contour and M20x1.5 thread.

– Compact design
– Simple mounting hole
– Valve combinations possible
– Unified insert contour
– Operation with one line possible
– Working pressure up to 400 bar
– All valves with integrated non-return valve

Deutsch  V001_DE

English  V001_EN

Throttle check valve    ITV-001   STEP

Sequence valve    ISV-001-004   STEP

Threaded Valves up to 420 bar

Sequence- , Check-, Flow control-, pressure- release-, direction-  and counterbalance Valves

Maximum flow 640 l/min.

– Compact Design
– Simple Mounting
– Different Sizes
Various Applications
– Valve combinations possible

Catalog    INOSOL-KEN-V05
Not offered
Pressure relief valve, direct controlled

Pressure relief valve, up to 400 bar

direct controlled

Size: 6…30. Component series DBD 1X

Max. working pressure / Flow rate: 630 bar / 330 l/min

As Screw-In- and subplate mounted type

– Compact Design
– As insert- and flange mounted type
– Different Sizes
Various Applications
– Various Operating Devices

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Pressure relief valve, up to

350 bar

Pilot operated

Size: 6…32.

Type: DB-5X DBW-5X; ZDB and Z2DB

Max. working pressure / Flow rate: 350 bar / 650 l/min

– Compact design
– As assembly and intermediate plate assembly
– Different sizes
Various applications
– Various porting patterns

DB-5X DBW-5X  Surface mounting

ZDB6 Z2DB6  Sandwich mounting / ND6

ZDB10 Z2DB10  Sandwich mounting / ND10

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Flow Control Valve

Flow Control valve, up to

315 bar

2 Way for sublate mounting

Size: 10 and 16.

Type: 2FRM, 2FRH, 2FRW

Max. flow rate: 160 l/min

– Porting pattern acc. to DIN 24340 form G and ISO 6263
– Stroke limitation of the geared piston drive adjustable
– Mechanical- and hydraulic actuation
– Electro-hydraulic actuation
– Start-up jump reduction

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Reducing Valves, pilot operated

Pressure reducing valves,

up to 350 bar

Pilot operated

Size: 10…32

Type: DR-5X; 3DR-10 and 3DR-16

Max. working pressure / flow rate: 350 bar / 400 l/min

– For different porting patterns
– Different adjustment elements
– Different sizes
Also as cartridge valves

DR-5X   Porting pattern acc. ISO 5781

3DR-10 Porting pattern acc. ISO 4401 and CETOP-RP 121 H

3DR-16 Porting pattern acc. ISO 4401 and CETOP-RP 121 H

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Pressure reducing valves,

up to 350 bar

Direct operated

Size: 6 and 10

Porting pattern according to ISO 4401-03-02-0-05 and ISO 5781-06-07-0-00

Max. working pressure / flow rate: 350 bar / 50 l/min

– For subplate- and sandwich plate mounting
– Different adjustment elements
– Different pressure ratings
component series 4x and 5x

ZDR6    Sandwich type

ZDR10  Sandwich type

DR6-5X   Subplate type

DR10-4X Subplate type

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