Inosol offers hydraulic components, mainly from the field of hydraulic workholdig technology.
We develop and distribute our own innovative products, as well as the various high-quality products of renowned manufacturers.
We are always striving to generate a added value for comparable products.
This is not always possible. In any case, you still receive high-quality products at an affordable price.


We offers both, our own products, as well as the products of various partners.
Especially in the area of clamping system, we are able to offer a very broad product range. This favors not only the delivery time enormously, also the special benefit to the customer is because of the proven components from reputable manufacturers.
Likewise, we see ourselves as partners with core competence in Special Solutions.


We provide a wide range of high quality products, mainly in the following areas:

Special machinery manufacture
Tool design
Mechanical engineering
Fixture builders
Mold makers