Technical Informations


Since we serve different branches of industry with different requirements, the explanations given below are exemplary. For test procedures e.g. that deviate from our possibilities, external service providers are commissioned if necessary.


For standard models, the housings of the clamping elements are produced of thermally treated free-cutting steel to increase wear resistance and the ease of movement. The surfaces are either burnished or nitrided due to optimize corrosion protection. The internal components are made of high quality stainless steel with hardened and grinded surface. i N O S O L uses only high-quality seals, which are optimally tailored to the operating characteristics of the hydraulic component and the particular application. Due to the partial customer requirements, the materials are selected according to temperature and media. In the meantime, we are increasingly offering stainless steel products, as this also makes sense from a thermal point of view and from the point of view of corrosion resistance and it does not require a coating. ​

Hydraulic Oil

Hydraulic oil For the clamping elements is exclusively hydraulic oil on the basis of mineral oil to use (DIN 51524). The use of other unapproved media may impair and / or damage the functionality of the cylinder and other components. The viscosity should correspond to the parameters of the ISO standard 3448. In an oil temperature of + 10 ° to + 60 ° C, we recommend a viscosity ISO VG 22-64. The Oil contamination should not exceed class 18/14 according to ISO 4406. The purity of hydraulic oils is fundamental to the proper functioning and the reliability of the cylinder and all other components of a hydraulic system. We recommand the use of filters with a filter mesh of at least 25 microns.

Working temperature

Should nothing deviant be specified, the following operating temperatures are observed: • Ambient temperature: -10°C / +60°C • Oil temperature: +10°C / +60°C

Product testing

All components of i N O S O L are tested on a special computer-controlled test bench, carefully to the customer's specified pressure or with the appropriate standard or maximum pressure. Likewise, all the coupling elements are checked. This includes the actual coupling process! Certainly this test only applies to pneumatic and oil hydraulics. If different media are used, we have currently no possibility to use this as a test medium.


i N O S O L guarantee for all products, the statutory period of 24 months after delivery to manufacturing and material defects. The guarantee does not cover damage caused by improper or non-intended use of the products, as well as by using non-approved for the purpose in resources. Even the normal wear of the products is excluded from the guarantee. i N O S O L strives to improve products through consistent development continuously. For this reason, we reserve the right to make all necessary technical amendments in our opinionat without notice and any time. Because of that, the information in the data sheets / catalog are only binding in the latest issue.

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