Clamping Elements

Hydraulic Clamping Elements and Workholdings

Centering Elements

Inosol Flach-Zenrierspanner

Flat Centering Vice (NEW)

hydraulic, up to 200 bar, double acting, with pneumatic detection

Link Clamps

Rotary Link Clamp

Rotary Lever Clamps

hydraulic, up to 400 bar, double- and single acting, pneumatic detection

link clamp

Tiny Link Clamp

hydraulic, up to 230 bar, double acting, optional pneumatic detection

Sliding Joint Clamp for high vibrations

Sliding Joint Clamp

hydraulic, up to 400 bar, double acting, with optional query

Eccentric Lever Clamp

hydraulic, up to 250 bar, double acting, pneumatic detection

Swing Camp Cylinders


Compact Swing Clamps

hydraulic, up to 230 bar, double acting


Standard Swing Clamp

hydraulic, up to 350 bar, double- and single acting


Inosol-Swing Clamp (NEW)

hydraulisch, bis 250 bar, doppelt wirkend

custom made swing clampss

special solutions

pneumatic and hydraulic, double- and single acting

DIFFERENT Clamping Elements

Block Cylinders

Double acting, different Types


Stainless Steel

Single acting, hydraulic and pneumatic



Wedge Clamps, Lever Clamps...

According Request