In-Line Filter

Filter for different applivations
as In-Line and Screw-In-Filter


Hydraulic Filters

In-Line-Filters: 10+25 Micron, G1/4 G3/8 G1/2

In order to ensure the operational reliability of hydraulic systems and to protect the components against wear, it is strongly recommended that the pressure media is filtered.

– Independent of the flow direction useable
– Very good filtering
– Pipe mounting
– Filter-insert exchangeable
– Low weight because of aluminium housing

Stainless steel filter

Screw-In filter

Miniature filters: from 3 Micron, M6 to G1

These stainless steel filters are also known as last-chance filters. The filter area is relatively small and the fineness starts from 3 µm.

Independent of flow direction
– Different filtering resolutions
– Screw-In type
– Stainless steel
– starts from M6

Please note:

The flow losses (Delta-P) can only be calculated if the following individual parameters are known:
– Filter size
– Resolution
– Medium
– Volume flow
– Working pressure
– Temperature