Compact Swing Clamp

Hydraulic, max. 230 bar, double acting

This swing clamp is interchangeable to competitive link clamps. Available as plug-in and manifold mounting type.

  • Mechanically insensitive
  • Low required space
  • Simple Clamping Arm
  • Manifold- and cartridge types
  • Wobble-free and precise guidance
  • With tapered sleeve as option

German  CLS014_DE

English  CLS014_EN


size 1

size 2

size 3

Cartridge type ISCC1X_001 ISCC2X_001 ISCC3X_001
Manifold type ISCC1X_002 ISCC2X_002 ISCC3X_002

the step-files include the tapered sleeve and standard clamping arm