Inosol-Swing Clamp

Hydraulic, max. 250 bar, DA

This swing clamp is available both, as a plate-mounted and substructure version and as a plug-in version as well.

  • With thread- and flange connection
  • Long standard stroke
  • Pull rod resistant to outerdamage
  • With integrated scraper edge
  • Massive clamping arms possible
  • Low bending of all moving parts

Deutsch  CLS016_DE

English  CLS016_EN


BG 1

BG 2

BG 3

Plate_mounted-type ISCC_IPX_1_001 ISCC_IPX_2_001 ISCC_IPX_3_001
Insert-type ISCC_IPX_1_002 ISCC_IPX_2_002 ISCC_IPX_3_002
Clamping arm STD ISCC-IP-L-S1-1 ISCC-IP-L-S2-1 ISCC-IP-L-S3-1