Screw plugs for sealing and closing of media-carrying bores


screw plugs

Up to 400 bar, M5, M6, M7

These small screw plugs are used to close and seal medium-carrying bores.

A TORX® key is required for actuation. The screws can be completely countersunk, with the countersink serving as an insertion chamfer for the O-ring.

– Suitable for high pressure areas
– Detachable and reusable
– Completely lowerable
– No material distortion in the edge area
– No special tools necessary

– For high temperatures usable

Why threaded screw plugs?

The difference between the INOSOL threaded sealing plugs and the usual sealing plugs is that no special tools are required for installation and the bore is not irrevocably closed.
Likewise, when using threaded sealing plugs, you are not faced with an “unsolvable” problem in the event of a leak.

Furthermore, the counter material is not stressed.
If it is necessary to inspect, flush or maintain a drilled canal, the screw plug can be removed at any time.

This seal is very process-reliable and, unlike other sealing plugs, there is no risk of them being pushed out of the hole when pressure is applied or of leaks due to poor assembly.

With their small thread sizes, these screws have a unique selling point.

closing of the hydraulics

The screws are removable and reusable.

Versclusschraube mit Rückschlagventil

combination with check valve

Example of M6 thread with non-return valve ISIV02