Centering Clamp with pneumatic Query for different Applications

Flat Centering Clamp

Flat Centering Vice

hydraulic, up to 200 bar, double acting
  • Flat shape and high clamping force
  • Incl. pneumatic workpiece- and end position detection
  • Can be used as a centering element or clamping vice
  • Identical force when opening and closing

With this Flat Centering Vice, which generates identical forces at external and internal centering, a high repeatability is ensured.
This clamping element can also be used with only one movable jaw, which allows clamping against a fixed stop.

Spannmöglichkeiten IFCC

Possible uses


The centering clamp can be used flexibly for clamping in bores with little material thickness and very close to the workpiece edge.


This element can also be combined as a central clamping element with other clamps, whereby the pneu-matic queries can always be used.


The compact design makes it possible to integrate the element into a multiple clamping device in such a space-saving manner that, for e.g. complete machining with one device is also possible.


It can also be used as a parallel gripper, centering and positioning element, since here the same forces are always generated, regardless of whether centering is done by inside or outside clamping.